Florida Scholarships

Worry about hurricane season, not college tuition.

Florida has the fourth most high school graduates in the United States*, which places those students in a highly competitive collegiate environment. In addition, Florida's average cost of tuition per 30 credit hours is approximately $5,000—but we're here to offer you a solution, not a complaint.

Our list of scholarships in Florida helps students and parents with the cost of attendance so they can worry about hurricane season, not college tuition. We always recommend that students exhaust scholarship and grant opportunities before applying for student loans. In addition to our list below, the state of Florida administers a variety of state-funded educational grants and scholarships through the Florida Department of Education's Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA).

If you're a resident of The Sunshine State and interested in Florida scholarships, apply below!

* Source: 2012 Census Data

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