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The most powerful practice in human history.

Translated from Latin, "theology" means the study of God, with no reference to a particular religion. Whether relating to atheism, monotheism or polytheism, the study of God is in itself a study of one belief and all beliefs.

While pursuing a degree in theology or any religious field, you will come across some of history's most pivotal intellectuals, philosophers and religious influences. Your studies will cover a collection of faiths that have joined, and in some cases divided, societies of past and present.

Dating back to the construction of Göbekli Tepe—the oldest known temple on earth, built nearly 12,000 years ago—worship has quite possibly been the most powerful practice in human history. If you're searching scholarship opportunities for your religious studies, look no further. Here, you'll find numerous theology scholarships that will boost your college journey to a whole new level.

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