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I want to give back to my parents and my sister, and not the other way around.

"This category of scholarships is the most important to me because I'm trying to win a full ride to college. My family would not be burdened with financial troubles or be worried for my future if I had a full tuition scholarship that allowed us all to avoid debt. I want to give back to my parents and my sister, and not the other way around where I keep asking for help."

"This list of scholarships will help students looking for full ride scholarships. There is not just one type to choose from, in fact, there is a wide variety and spectrum of full ride scholarship that a student can be eligible for."

by Emi H. of University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

Many students like Emi H. look for full ride scholarships wherever possible. If you are the cream of the crop in an academic, athletic or artistic field, you may be eligible for our list of full-tuition opportunities. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average college tuition, room and board for a public university (out of state) is more than $25,000 a year, not including additional expenses such as school supplies, health fees and computer costs*. A full-ride scholarship can cover most, if not all, of those costs. Your friends, family, professors will be especially proud if you are worthy and lucky enough for this honor. Start your free ride to college by applying to the scholarships picked by Emi H. below!

* Source: How Students Pay for College

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