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Curator of Scholarships for Women student list Maggie B.

These scholarships are great for women and mothers from low income families who are trying to go back to school.

I chose to focus on scholarships for women because for many years women were seen as lesser than men. Although that opinion has changed over time, there are still many subtle ways in which society depicts that attitude. I believe that scholarships for women help break the now slightly higher glass ceiling.

by Maggie B. of Bucks County Community College

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International Scholarships list curator Stephen B.

International Scholarships

by Stephen B. of Georgia State University

All of these sites are offering grants, scholarships, etc. for students wanting to study abroad.

Scholarships for Single Mothers list curator Samie B.

Scholarships for Single Mothers

by Samie B. of Illinois Institute of Art

I think we should give single moms another chance to go back and start over.

Left Handed Scholarships list curator Andrea F.

Left Handed Scholarships

by Andrea F. of LSU Agricultural & Mechanical College

Roughly 10 percent of the United States population is left-handed... It's more rare than I thought it was.

Weird Scholarships list curator Grace L.

Weird Scholarships

by Grace L. of University of Virginia Charlottesville

To win scholarships from these organizations, students simply do what they do best.

No Essay Scholarships

No Essay Scholarships

by Gina K. of University of Southern California

My main reason for applying to these scholarships was this: NO ESSAYS.

Full Ride Scholarships list curator Emi H.

Full Ride Scholarships

by Emi H. of University Of North Carolina

I want to give back to my parents and my sister, and not the other way around

LGBT Scholarships list curator Pam P.

LGBT Scholarships

by Pam P. of Colorado State University Fort Collins

I want to show others like me that there are scholarships and grants for the LGBT community.

Scholarships for First Generation College Students list curator Brittany S.

First Generation Students

by Brittany S. of Our Lady Of Lake College

This category is important to me because I am a first generation college student.

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