Newspaper and Journalism Scholarships

Newspaper and journalism can offer you skills for a lifetime!

Maybe you have visions of winning a Pulitzer Prize one day, but even if you're only minoring in Newspaper, Journalism or Online Journalism, you can apply for a number of great scholarships right here!

Having an interest in newspaper and journalism can offer you skills for a lifetime. Let's face it: The world runs on TV, newspaper and online content. So if you're capable of analyzing and reporting eloquently, then you have the power to influence any company you work for in the future. Doing exceptionally well in this course of study will allow you to master the art of rhetoric and quickly deliver content to a large audience - this is very important in a fast-paced and globally connected environment.

Use our list of newspaper and journalism scholarships to help finance your education.

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Newspaper and Journalism Scholarship Results

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