Graduate School Scholarships

Congratulations on getting accepted to graduate school! Be it an MBA, law school, or an advanced teaching degree, we're sure you're looking forward to the focused academics and learning environment you'll soon be privy to. Alas, we have graduate student grants and scholarships that can help finance your continued education.

Graduate school grants and scholarships provide you with free money. Generally, applications require some personal information and an essay, but sacrificing your time today can mean thousands in scholarship money tomorrow. How can you find the best graduate student scholarships? You've got a few options:

  • This website! - Use the above search box or the Scholarship Matcher to look for awards that fit your interests, skills and background.

  • Google - Scholarships are all over the Internet. Do a few searches for the types of scholarships you seek.

  • Check out our Scholarship Secrets E-Book - This PDF was written solely to help you find the latest scholarship information across the Internet and through other sources.

  • Your grad school's financial aid office - There are probably many at your school in a similar financial situation, so this should be a strong source of graduate school scholarship information.

Many students eventually turn to graduate loans to pay for school, but these should be your last resort. The best way to pay for school is to not pay - get as many grants and scholarships as you can!

For access to ALL our offers organized by category, view our whole database from the Scholarships section. Unlike most scholarship search engines, respects your privacy and allows you to browse our database without registering.

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