Native American Scholarships

Take advantage of your birthright and apply for scholarships for Native Americans

"A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky."

- Crazy Horse, Sioux Chief

Within every native tribe in the United States lies a rich history and effervescent culture. While each tribe carries on unique traditions, there's one thing that all American Indians and Alaska Natives have in common: a path to educational success.

Cherokees, Navajos, Choctaws, the Yupik, the Chippewa, the Sioux and all American and Alaskan Native students are eligible for Native American scholarships.

If you've come this far, we already know you're serious about your career. The opportunity to gain an advanced degree is one that many of your parents and grandparents did not have.

As you soar through higher education, take advantage of your birthright and apply for the scholarships for Native Americans listed below.

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