Central American Scholarships

We honor the American families whose history began beyond our borders.

Proud of your Central American heritage? You should be!

Cultural backgrounds represent more than just a country or birthplace—they reveal a family's history, a way of life, and a unique upbringing. With your ethnicity, you carry a story into the future that's thousands of years in the making.

With our list of scholarships for Central American students, we honor the American families whose history began beyond our borders, yet significantly influenced us from within.

If your family hails from Central America, this gives you the opportunity to lower academic expenses and represent your family's heritage with pride.

Right now, there are 25 scholarships with an award total of $66,500 for Central American students. There are 3 opportunities with a deadline coming up in the next 90 days, so start applying soon if you want a shot at those.

Check out the scholarships for Central American students below to get started!

Central American Scholarship Results

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